Constitution and Forum Standards (as of 11/21/19):

MISSION STATEMENT:  Vinny’s Gift Forum is committed to deeply exploring issues impacting our lives, families, and businesses, and growing together as individuals and leaders. We are fiercely committed to each other, to amazing adventures, and to our individual and group success.

1. Meeting format/frequency: We spend a significant amount of time together each month.
a) Frequency—11 meetings per year. Meetings may be defined as monthly forum with dinner, a mini-retreat, retreat, and holiday party.
b) The moderator creates and circulates a written agenda for each meeting based on training & forum experience.
c) Meetings will be scheduled at agreed upon times as determined by the moderator, and will run approximately 3 ½ hours.  Locations for the meeting, time and dinner plans following are planned by the presenter, and approved by the moderator.

2. Moderator Section: Our moderator is a leader of leaders for the year.
a) Training – A minimum of two members should be moderator-trained at all times.
b) The Moderator, or his or her designee, should attend each quarterly chapter moderator dinner.
c)  Every forum member must serve as Moderator for a year.  For consecutive years, a Moderator can serve by unanimous consent of the group.  A Moderator can be removed by unanimous vote.
d) Items not covered in the Constitution are at the Moderator’s prerogative.

3. Dues: We pay for the incredible dinners, experiences, and adventures we deserve.
a) The treasurer will make dues calls as needed including pro-rated dues of new members.

4. Confidentiality: The essence of our strength is a baseline of trust.
a) Everything that’s said in forum meetings is confidential.
b) Any discussion about a member of the group may only be discussed within their presence.

5. Roles: Everyone serves the team for the good of the group.
a) Each role will commence on July 1 for one year until the following July 1.
b) Moderator— facilitates meetings and oversees group progress. Moderator must attend local moderator training and chapter moderator meeting.
c) Moderator Elect- elected no later than April 1 prior to the July 1 membership renewal date.
d) Secretary- Keeps track of tardiness, absences and term expirations, and serves as substitute moderator.
e) Treasurer-Keeps up to date QuickBooks files and clarifies forum dues on a regular basis.
f) Constitution Revision Facilitator:
g) Constitution Defender:
h) Protocol Officer:
i) Additional roles that will be assigned at the beginning of every meeting will include:
Parking Lot attendant
j) Group Members will volunteer to take on a 12 month mini commitment in the group, such as:
Retreat Planning (usually three nights)
Mini retreat Planning (usually one day long)
Scheduling, Presentation coaching
New member interview scheduling and integration

6. Forum Retreats: We strive to have unique retreats that brings us closer as a group.
a) One 1-day local mini-retreat.
b) One 3-4 night retreat, which may be international, will be held annually with an agenda. Retreats will not be combined with other EO events.

7. Communication: Strong communications are essential for the group’s health and success.
a) All members must provide means by which they can be reliably reached and should respond in a timely fashion to other group members. Email is preferred, but telephone, text, and other means are acceptable.
b) Any urgent communication should be delivered via Email and followed up by a text message.

8. Language Protocol: We help each other through reflection and shared experiences, not through judgement or advice.
a) Group will always follow the Gestalt language protocol unless agreed otherwise by all parties involved.

9. Punctuality: Being on time matters. Every minute counts.
a) Missing a monthly meeting counts as one absence.
b) Tardiness or early departure of any kind, even one minute, counts as a 1/4 absence.
c) Tardiness or early departure of more than 15 minutes counts as a 1/2 absence.
d) Fines for tardiness or early departure are to be paid immediately and imposed as follows:

1 – 5 Minutes$100 + 1/4 absence
6 – 10 Minutes $200 + 1/4 absence
11 – 15 Minutes$300 + 1/4 absence
16+ Minutes$300 + 1/2 absence

10. Attendance and Scheduling: Our presence is a gift and a responsibility.
a) If you miss a meeting the absent member will be fined $300 and assigned one full absence.
b) A member who has two or more absences in any 12-month period will be dismissed from the group.
c) A member who misses a mini-retreat will be assessed the equivalent of 1½ absences and a fine of $300.
d) A member who misses a retreat will be dismissed from the group and all monies on deposit will be forfeited.
e) The above A-D can be overrides by unanimous consent of members.

11. Scheduling:
a) The Moderator will lead the group to plan scheduling for at least 6 months in advance.
b) If a member needs to reschedule, the member should first advise the Moderator by email.
c) The quarterback, the member who needs to reschedule, is responsible to lead a poll to gain consensus of the rescheduled meeting. If all members cannot accommodate the reschedule, the meeting remains as originally planned.
d) If needed, The Quarterback will also plan the meeting location and restaurant, as part of their quarterbacking responsibilities.
e) Dinners following meetings are mandatory. A $100 fine will be imposed for missing a dinner and will count as a half absence. In the case of a last minute reschedule, that causes another member to miss the dinner (or part of dinner), the quarterbacking member pays the $100.

12. Cellular Phones: We require undivided attention to each other.
a) Must be turned off or put in airplane mode during meetings. However, the moderator is allowed to make an exception to this rule in extraordinary circumstances.
b) An emergency telephone number for the meeting location and restaurant will be advised in advance.

13. Candidate Interview Policy: We pay great attention to the members we consider for the Forum.
a) When a recruiter in the forum identifies a viable candidate for membership, the following procedure is proposed. The recruiter should describe our forum culture and philosophy to the Candidate to build rapport and excitement.

1. Send to Candidate or Post on Our Website:
a) Our Mission Statement.
b) Brief Forum Member Bios to Make Sure There Is No Conflict.
c) Annual Meeting & Retreat Commitment.
d) Annual Financial Cost of Membership.

2. Set and communicate low expectation the candidate. Inform that the unanimous consent is required and difficult to obtain, and not due to any shortcoming on the part of the candidate.
a) Send Written Questionnaire to Candidate
b) First Interview:
i) Recruiter with 2 Additional Forum Members and Candidate
ii) Approximately 60 – 90 Minutes
iii) Follow a Top-grading or Hireology-type Interview Format
iiii) Must Have a Unanimous Agreement
c) Second interview:
i) All Forum Members
ii) Approximately 60 – 90 Minutes
iii) Usually Scheduled at Beginning of Next Forum Meeting
iv) One member goes deep on a personal topic to set the tone
v) Majority of time is spent with candidate speaking
vi) Follow a Top-grading or Hireology-type Interview Format
vii) Must Have a Unanimous Agreement
d) If Approved:
i) Recruiter Coordinates On-Boarding
ii) Welcome Ceremony at First Meeting
e) If Not Approved:
i) If one or two members hold out in contrast to other strong support in the group, further screening of candidate should continue.
ii) If solidly rejected, recruiter Immediately Contacts Candidate in Way that Maintains a Positive Relationship.

14. Departures: A proper exit is best for both the group and the departing member.
a) Members resigning will be asked to make an exit presentation after which they will leave the meeting.

15. Liquor/Drugs: The team deserves us in an unaltered state.
a) No use of any mood altering drugs during monthly or official forum activities.
b) No attending business meetings or dinners when intoxicated with liquor or drugs.
c) Drinking and drugs at retreats are acceptable except during business portions unless the group decides otherwise.

16. Group Size: Our ideal group is 8-9 people.

17. Amendments: The only constant in life is change.
a) This Constitution can be changed at any time only with unanimous group consent.