Annual Commitment

Our forum holds 8 regular meetings a year and generally three other events.  Each regular meeting lasts approximately 3.5 hours and includes personal and business updates from each member, a coached and well-prepared presentation by one of our members, ice breakers, and other business.  Regular meetings generally are held during the week at 3 pm and are followed by a mandatory dinner which usually finishes by 9 pm. Meetings are often held in Manhattan, but may be held in the boroughs or surrounding suburbs, at the moderator and presentor’s discretion.

In addition to the regular meetings, our forum holds one 3 to 4-night retreat every year in a location selected by the volunteer retreat organizer.  Retreat locations often include international travel and multiple time-zone changes.

We also hold a one-day mini-retreat each year.  This retreat is generally held in local destinations, and any overnight stay is optional.  The retreat can run from 7 or 8 am until 9 pm or later.

We also celebrate our year with a forum party each December.  At the party organizer’s discretion, guests and children may or may not be invited.

Either a regular meeting, a retreat, or a party occurs each month of the year except for August.  In August, at the moderator’s option, we may hold a video conference, generally lasting under two hours.

Budget –  The expected cost to participate in all meals and events is approximately $6,000 annually.